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Channel 4 Television

Designed and made all 700 
costumes for 'Peter Kay's Britain's 
Got the Pop Factor... and Possibly a 
New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar 
Superstar Strictly on Ice': 
a high-class spoof 'X Factor'.

Peter played contestant Geraldine  
McQueen, a school dinner lady. 
Her personal journey through the 
programme transformed her from 
frumpy and dowdy to a glamorous 
international diva - quite a  
challenge for her plus-size 32 figure!

I designed more than 30 bespoke,
original, hand-made costumes for 
(as life imitates art) an increasingly 
demanding Geraldine McQueen;
a fictional character looking 
not just for the Pop Factor, 
but also the WOW Factor!

Britain's Got The Pop Factor

"Fiona, you get into my head and give me exactly what I want, even though I haven't been able to describe it. Thank you."  Peter Kay

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